Formed in 2007, Reflectionz has established its soulful and emotional music style and has been gaining in popularity in Nagano, Japan. They perform songs that everybody has heard of, that are familiar to every generation, that one cannot help reminiscing the good old times. Accompanied by the acoustic sound of the piano, the guitar and chorus, the lead singer's sweet and yet soulful vocal performance never seems to stop attracting the audience.






1st stage

More than words(Extreme)

On and on and on (Wilco)

Time after time (Cyndi Lauper)

As long as you love me (Backstreet Boyz)

Stay Gold (Stevie Wonder)

Back for good(Take That)

Wild World (Cat Stevens)

Jealous Guy (Donny Hathaway)

What's going on(Marvin Gaye)

2nd stage

I swear (All 4 one)

I want it that way (Backstreet Boyz)

I'll make love to you(Boyz II Men)

With you (Chris Brown)

I just called to say I love you (Stevie Wonder)

You've got a friend (Carol King)

I feel (Reflectionz)

Ellie my love(Ray Charles)

I'll be there (The Jackson 5)


The rose (Bett Midler)

Stand by me (Ben E King)

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