Formed in 2007, Reflectionz has established its soulful and emotional music style and has been gaining in popularity in Nagano, Japan. They perform songs that everybody has heard of, that are familiar to every generation, that one cannot help reminiscing the good old times. Accompanied by the acoustic sound of the piano, the guitar and chorus, the lead singer's sweet and yet soulful vocal performance never seems to stop attracting the audience.


Upcoming Live Performances


  • 5月11日(日)夜8:00~10:00 @ボトム・ダラー

    2ステージ 全18曲を予定

  • 5月12日(月)夜8:00~ @HANA

  • 5月18日(日)夜8:00~ オープンマイク @ボトム・ダラー

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